Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee - ENBIOSCIENCE - KOBEA GROUP, Signed a business agreement for the development of PB (Cosmetic) products using the brand power of the Asia Model Festival. > Notice



Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee - ENBIOSCIENCE - KOBEA GROUP,…

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The Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Eui-Sik Yang), ENBIOSCIENCE (CEO Hong-Bon Kim), and Kobea Group (Chairman Chang-Yong Lee) signed a mutual business agreement to launch PB (COSMETIC BRAND) products utilizing the brand power of the Asia Model Festival. The 'Asia Model Festival', organized by the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee, is a 'Face of Asia' model contest held in Korea after regional preliminaries in 28 Asian countries for the past 15 years and an awards ceremony for Asian models and celebrities. It is divided into 'Asia Model Awards' and 'Asia Open Collection', a fashion show of famous designers and brands.


'Face of Asia 2020 in Seoul' is expected to be held as an UNTOUCH event for the first time overcoming the global corona crisis. More than 80 global models selected from Asian countries will compete in good faith starting from the first mission on September 15 to the live broadcast final round on December 4, and the final winner will be awarded a prize of 100 million won.

Since its establishment in 2001, ENBIOSCIENCE has developed special treatment supplements for hospitals and clinics, and supplies products exclusively for medical devices to leading domestic and international dermatologists, plastic surgery clinics, and obstetrics and gynecologists. It is a research and development focused and export-led Original Design Manufacturer specialized company that develops target products and exports them not only to Sephora, Spain, but also to more than 40 countries around the world.

The Kobea Group is collaborating with governments and companies around the world by linking the Korean Wave (Hallyu) entertainment business such as Asian model and influencer management, Korean drama production, and E-commerce business with blockchain platforms. Private Brand (Cosmetic) products released through this collaboration will be introduced first through Asiacat (, a shopping mall operated by models from the Asia Model Festival as influencers.

It plans to establish local subsidiaries and branch offices in Delaware and Beverly Hills in the US as well as Asia to support the US and European markets.

 Chairman Lee Chang Yong of Kobea Group said, “We will do our best to showcase the products developed through this collaboration during this year’s Asia Model Festival.”