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Asia Model Festival will be held UNTACT in Seoul

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Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC) said on July 9 that the "Untact Face of Asia 2020 in Seoul" has confirmed the world's first Untact event, adding that among 80 models from 28 Asian countries will be selected the winner at the final round on December 4, starting with the first mission on September 15.  The final winner will be
awarded a prize of 100 million won, it said. 

Asia Model Festival, which has been held for 15 years since 2006, is Asia's largest star model excavation project. "Face of Asia," the first event of the "Asia Model Festival" and "Asia Model Awards," is showing off its global influence by producing model-turned-actresses such as Ahn Jae Hyun, Lee Tae Hwan and Joo Won Dae, both active at Korea and abroad. Attention is focusing on whether global stars will be able to follow Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee Tae Hwan. In particular, it was decided to hold  UNTACT event this year to
lead the global trend of diversification and globalization.

A total of 28 Asian countries, including South Korea, Singapore, India, Mongolia, Nepal, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Manila, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan, will participate in the "Untact Face of Asia 2020 in Seoul" ahead of the live final round in December. About 80 models selected on behalf of each country will stage a 100-day survival 
competition to become the best model, starting with the first mission in September.

Models from around the world who passed the preliminary round use online video content to show off their beauty and wisdom and promote their identity. The creative ideas of the models will be evaluated by uploading video content produced by the models' creative ideas will be evaluated. For the first time, online voting will be held for fans
around the world, and an exciting survival show will be held around the world. As a result, it is expected that a global model festival of new attempts will begin.

Yang Eui Sig, chairman of Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee, said, "We have tried to make new changes in line with the recent accelerating untact trend. We will
make it a global model festival that grows further through contents using various platforms."